Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Love Hate with the V day

I like love (in theory) and I really like scrapbooking and all things Paper, so you would THINK that I LOVE Valentine's Day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If I dig, I think about the paperlunch sac bags taped to my desk and even as a very young child I was horrified that THIS might just be the year my bag was totally empty at the end of the day. It never happened, but there was always that chance. How could I possibly think that my luck would be better than Charlie Brown's?

Enter 8th grade and my first boy/girl dance. I was so excited and I got my first perm. Then tragedy (well the perm was pretty bad too!) Boys should not EVER kiss 7th graders while their date is in the bathroom, but this is especially poor behavior at the Valentine's Dance and deserving of the cold shoulder and screaming match at the Dairy Queen. That's right, hell hath no fury.

Let's see......then there was the fender bender trying to make late dinner reservations with my high school boyfriend and then countless broken dates and promises in a series of guys that followed. I think the best Valentine's Day I can remember involved girlfriends, basketball and beating the Fab Four in Assembly Hall. The worst in recent memory involved my sister, a place called Cape Disappointment (what were we thinking?) two incredibly sick babies and two very sick adults.

Valentine's Day also happens to be in February. Enter icestorm upon snowstorm upon just feet of snow in the midwest. Truly it is a recipe for disaster.

I know most people will think it is weird, odd, unromantic that my spoiuse and I do not celebrate Valentine's Day. If you know us, then you'd know that his reason for hating VDay is like way worse than any of mine but also in hindsight kind of hilarious but that is another story.

I think that for us it is practical and smart decision to avoid chaos in the universe by sidestepping crowded restaurants with fixed menus and over priced flowers. I don't even like chocolate very much. Listen people, sometimes love is just solidarity and the sense to not anger the gods.

So for those of you that LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day, enjoy! I'm not here to rain on your parade. Just know that my spouse will be out of town and I'll be sipping pinot and snuggling my babe, which is an incredibly wonderful way to celebrate love as well.

Don't worry, we are not trying to proselytize our daughter with any of our beliefs. She learned about Valentine's Day from Charlie and Snoopy and she received a heart shaped PB&J for lunch.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I can't stop talking about breasts

This was supposed to be about something else. I've had ideas kicking around my brain in a very busy week and then it became unavoidable. Everywhere I turn everyone is talking about boobs.

That's right. Breasts, Boobies, BooBoos in my house. It seems everywhere I turn breasts are under attack. It doesn't make sense. I mean breasts are pretty incredible.

In case you've been drunk all week in SuperBowl village and missed the news--the Susan G. Komen Foundation took away a ton of money from Planned Parenthood. If you are Pro-Life, that is your Choice. This is not a debate I am opening. My musings are about women's health in general. When did we as a Nation become Anti-Woman?

Confusing conservatism and women's health is a scary and dangerous place to be. I happen to be pretty liberal. That being said I think we are all on the same page when it comes to wanting our mothers, daughters, and sisters to be cancer free. Having safe and affordable healthcare for women without insurance SHOULD matter to us all. Planned Parenthood serves many poor women. Mostly women without insurance. Mostly women without a choice. Planned Parenthood gives birth control to women who don't want to get pregnant, which happen to be women we don't want to get pregnant.

I am not judging other women. I am being honest. Going to Planned Parenthood isn't fun or glamorous. I've done it. Getting briefed on emergency exit procedures is not a welcome part of a routine doctor visit. Having a papsmear when you are nervous isn't a good time. However, I am thankful there was a place I could afford to get an exam and walk away with birth control when I was 20.

Women need Papsmears. Women need breast exams. That's right. That is what we are talking about. Cervical and Breast exams. These are things women need.

This isn't a Pro-Choice Issue. This shouldn't be a Women's issue. We should all care about keeping cancer away from cervixes and breasts. We should all care about early detection.

I started by saying that breasts are on my mind, but I'll save my thoughts regarding the ridiculous attacks against public nursing for another day. I am busy, I need to write a small check to repay a debt.