Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I can't stop talking about breasts

This was supposed to be about something else. I've had ideas kicking around my brain in a very busy week and then it became unavoidable. Everywhere I turn everyone is talking about boobs.

That's right. Breasts, Boobies, BooBoos in my house. It seems everywhere I turn breasts are under attack. It doesn't make sense. I mean breasts are pretty incredible.

In case you've been drunk all week in SuperBowl village and missed the news--the Susan G. Komen Foundation took away a ton of money from Planned Parenthood. If you are Pro-Life, that is your Choice. This is not a debate I am opening. My musings are about women's health in general. When did we as a Nation become Anti-Woman?

Confusing conservatism and women's health is a scary and dangerous place to be. I happen to be pretty liberal. That being said I think we are all on the same page when it comes to wanting our mothers, daughters, and sisters to be cancer free. Having safe and affordable healthcare for women without insurance SHOULD matter to us all. Planned Parenthood serves many poor women. Mostly women without insurance. Mostly women without a choice. Planned Parenthood gives birth control to women who don't want to get pregnant, which happen to be women we don't want to get pregnant.

I am not judging other women. I am being honest. Going to Planned Parenthood isn't fun or glamorous. I've done it. Getting briefed on emergency exit procedures is not a welcome part of a routine doctor visit. Having a papsmear when you are nervous isn't a good time. However, I am thankful there was a place I could afford to get an exam and walk away with birth control when I was 20.

Women need Papsmears. Women need breast exams. That's right. That is what we are talking about. Cervical and Breast exams. These are things women need.

This isn't a Pro-Choice Issue. This shouldn't be a Women's issue. We should all care about keeping cancer away from cervixes and breasts. We should all care about early detection.

I started by saying that breasts are on my mind, but I'll save my thoughts regarding the ridiculous attacks against public nursing for another day. I am busy, I need to write a small check to repay a debt.

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